[DIY] seashell tea light candles

Last January John and I went on an epic Mexican adventure, traversing both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, returning home after a few weeks with a boat load of shells. Half made their way into mason jars for display while the other half sat idle in plastic bags…..until now.
J & Z got their hands on these shells and made petite candle holders by melting tea lights into the bed of the shells. These candle holders make a perfect center piece for a small breakfast table, bedside table, or bathroom to add a pleasant sea glow to any small space.
To make your own variation, here’s what you’ll need:
a diverse collection of seashells
scrap wood for base
hot glue gun
Step 1:
Choose your shells (make sure some of them have a deep enough bed to hold the wax*) We also chose random bits of coral to add to our candle holder to add texture and color.
Step 2:
Remove wax from tea light casing.
*depending on the size of your shells you might have to cut the tea light to size before melting)
Step 3:
Once you have the wax cut to size, place the tea light in shell and using your lighter, begin melting the edges of the wax so that an adherence begins between the shell and the wax begins.  Amy and I found that using the back side of a spoon or even just your fingers was helpful in molding the wax to the shape of the shell.
Step 4:
Once all of your shells are filled with wax, let cool (approximately 1 minute), then using your hot glue gun, begin gluing the shells to the wood base. Be mindful of how you glue the shell to the base. Try propping the shell up in a way that when the candle is lit, hot wax won’t completely drip all over the place.
Step 5:
Let hot glue dry for at least 10-15 minutes, then light ’em up!

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