[DIY] Put a cork in it

   This month J & Z are having a little (too much) fun with bottle toppers. Here we have come up with a few fun ways to top it off! Whether you’re just trying to spruce up your own bar accessories or spice up a house-warming bottle of bubbly, we’ve got a few fun ideas for you to play around with. All you need is a few *recycled corks and an assortment of miniatures (my fave). Enjoy!


J & Z
Booze Cruise Corks


super glue (gel)
Hot Wheels
spray paint (optional)
painter’s tape (optional)
Amy and I found Hot Wheels at Target for 97 cents! One of them we left as is, but the other 2 we gave a sweet paint job. Using painters tape, we covered the wheels, windows and bumpers and used spay paint to cover up original designs. Let dry and glue to cork!
*Recycled corks: Careful when choosing your corks. Some corks swell up after a while and are nearly impossible to plug into a bottle again. We bought a few of our corks at Michael’s, brand new and they worked like a charm.

Full how-to & more designs and ideas after the jump!


Can’t get enough?? There’s more!

House Party Corks


Succulent Corks


Get Your Buzz On Corks



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