[DIY] vintage bench reupholstery

Re-upholstery is no joke. There are many steps to this fun little DIY

but you have to be patient and precision is key.

Supplies (the short list)

one ugly bench (courtesy of Craigslist)

one fabulous piece of fabric (courtesy of Stone Textile Studio)

A J to Z re-upholstery project for Stone Textile Studio:



the how-to after the jump!










1 bench
paint (your choice)
flat head screw driver
staple gun
fabric (measured to fit) we use the Stone Textile Gray Diamond Print
measuring tape
electric drill

**If bench is in poor condition, you might need new plywood and foam cut
to fit

**Best to cut foam with a bread knife, nice and slow and mark your
lines with a Sharpie.

Step 1: Take apart bench. Depending on how your bench is put together, you might
need a screw driver to detach seat from base.
Step 2: In this case, the fabric was attached to the seat base with staples, so
using a flat head screw driver, remove staples to free fabric.
Step 3: Separate foam from plywood base (at this point you might need to evaluate
the condition of the materials you’re working with underneath. In a perfect
world, materials would be in good condition, ready to re-use)
Step 4: Prime & Paint

Step 5 Measure the base of your bench and cut fabric to fit. Add anywhere from 8
to 12 inches to these measurements for the fabric. You can never have too
much fabric.
Step 6 (for the seat cushion) Stack foam on top of plywood seat base, line it up and drape fabric.
Step 7: Flip over on it’s top and pull fabric, nice, neat and tight to plywood and
start stapling to the underside of seat.
Step 8: Once seat cushion is complete, anchor under side of seat cushion to the
base of the bench with brackets (using an electric drill and screws).

Project by J to Z for Stone Textile


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