[DIY] Color Block Leather Pencil Holder

Hello All! Over the past couple months I’ve been lucky enough to work with the talented Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile Studio. Just before the madness of SXSW Stone Textile launched a Stationery Collection that prompted this fun little DIY: desk top accessories!

Below is  a JtoZ DIY that completely encapsulates the Stone Textile aesthetics: mixing textures and color blocking.

Color Block Leather Pencil Holder


one soup can

one roll of metallic leather (roughly 11-12 feet)

1 sheet of black book binding paper

3 tubes of super glue (prepare to get sticky)

painters tape (optional)

gold spray paint (optional)


Step 1: Cut book binding paper to wrap around can (my can was about 4 inches tall / 12 inches around) Glue paper to can (This step should not be skipped. Leather cord does not stick to metal with super glue)

Glue Book Binding to Can

Step 2: Begin wrapping gold leather cord around the can, starting at the base (it helps to tuck about a quarter inch of the cord under the book binding paper) Use super glue on nearly every inch of the can to ensure the gold leather is wrapped and stays nice and tight.

Gold Wrap     Gold Wrap 

Step 3: Dress your desk!

Desk Top

Optional: Spray inside of can gold to rid your pencil holder of any resemblance to a nasty old soup can. Be sure to tape off all parts of the can so you don’t gold parts of the black book binding cloth.

And while you’re at it with the spray paint….why not make your own gold pencils?

Pencil Before   Pencil Afer

Before & After



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