[DIY] Happy Easter, Y’all!


ImageFor me, Easter has always been about decorating the eggs.  Every family has their rituals, and for my mom, grandmother, aunt, and me- decorating eggs is a tradition that we look forward to sharing together each year.  This year for Easter, I was especially excited because I get to decorate eggs that my own chickens laid!! (Photo below from the morning Bryan and I found our chickens’ first egg!)


Bryan and I got chickens almost a year ago, and we have looooved having fresh eggs daily for the past few months.  I really love the various shades of brown that the eggs are, so I knew I wanted to focus on that natural color when decorating them.  All this DIY requires are some brown eggs, a white paint pen, and your imagination!  ImageI hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!




[DIY] Color Block Leather Pencil Holder

Hello All! Over the past couple months I’ve been lucky enough to work with the talented Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile Studio. Just before the madness of SXSW Stone Textile launched a Stationery Collection that prompted this fun little DIY: desk top accessories!

Below is  a JtoZ DIY that completely encapsulates the Stone Textile aesthetics: mixing textures and color blocking.

Color Block Leather Pencil Holder

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[life] hello again!


Hi again world!

Jen and I have been pretty MIA on the ol’ blog this past year…but we are excited to announce that we are starting it up again!  We have a lot of fun ideas that we are looking forward to starting, and an exciting new collaboration that we will be filling you in on soon!  We are also going to be redesigning the site…so thank you for your patience with all of this, and stay tuned for some more JtoZ soon!

xo Amy

photo by Kate LeSueur