[before and after] La Casa // paint and floors

Who’s ready for some before/afters??

 When we first set eyes on this glorious duplex, the WHOLE thing (inside/outside/floors/walls) was a stunning shade of ….TAN.  boo. boo on tan.  boo on tan covering every inch.

SO, we knew that needed to be changed asap.  My family, Bryan, and I worked many long hard hours on converting this tan-beauty into a fresh new space with white (crisp, clean) walls, and *new* laminate hardwood floors.

Our Friday nights quickly turned into nights like this (please note the yucky walls, floor, etc): Hey B!

Here are some glimpse of before:

[kitchen, clearly.]

[View from living room into dining room/kitchen.  We took out that half wall thingy on the left..]

[master bedroom sink area…minus the sink.]

[master bedroom (tan. tan. tan.)]

AND THEN…(after lots of love put into it)….WHITE WALLS AND HARDWOODS!

[hallway looking towards front door]

[master bedroom]

[one of the guest rooms]

[living room!]

[dining room/part of kitchen]

Isn’t it great?!   Down the road I am sure we will add some color to some walls..but there is noting like a clean slate!  And, more importantly, NO MORE TAN!!

More before/afters coming soon!




2 thoughts on “[before and after] La Casa // paint and floors

  1. I love DIY and I love before and afters!! My husband and I are re-doing our house in Austin now too. Can’t wait to follow along!

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