[friDIY] Green Grass Coasters

Happy FriDIY yall! For our Tie DIY party this past weekend, Jen and I wanted to make something special for our guests.  We decided on making coasters for the mini-mason jar-mimosas (say that 5 times fast…).  We originally wanted to use artificial grass, or astroturf, but when that was hard to locate…we settled on this awesome paper!  To make these coasters, you will need:

cork board (ours already came cut in squares, but you could buy a larger piece and cut any shape you want)

decorative paper (the possibilities are endless!)

Mod Podge

small paint brush


glue (any kind, to attach paper to cork board)

Cut the paper into squares slightly smaller than your piece of cork.  Glue the paper to the cork.

Cover the entire top of the coaster with Mod Podge.  This allows for the surface to be water proof, and secures the paper even tighter.  Let this dry over night. *If you are doing this on a paper surface (ie, the poster board I was working on), be careful about the entire coaster sticking to it.  I had to reposition my multiple times so that they weren’t permanently stuck to the poster board.

After they dry, place underneath yummy coctkails, and enjoy!




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