[life] tie DIY party

As Jen mentioned the other day- Spring has Sprung!  We kicked off our favorite season with a day of fun in a local park with our girl friends.  This park is known for the group of (beautiful!) peacocks freely roaming the grounds, and they really added a unique touch to our afternoon.  We had each guest bring a white item to tie dye, and after the mimosas and snacks, we got right down to dying!  Here are some more pictures from the afternoon.  It was such a fun day, and a great way to embrace Spring :)!

These cascarones may/may not have ended up on my head on by the end of the party :)…

Simple and easy touch- add a Peep to each glass to add pop of color (and hint of the holiday)!

Champagne + pink lemonade+ blueberries = DELISH

I must say, I have hosted many a tie-dye party in my day..and this year the final products were STUNNING!  Don’t you agree?




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