[diy] Tissue Paper Flowers

tissue paper flowers add a fun pop of color to any occasion: outdoor fiestas in the park, birthdays…or just because it’s tuesday and already, we’re wishing it was friday 🙂


tissue paper (all colors)


pipe cleaners


fold each piece of tissue accordion style

gradually cut each end of the tissue in 1 inch intervals (these differing lengths will help create depth)

cut a point or curve at the end of each sheet to create shape (i chose the point method for mine)

bind each sheet of tissue with a pipe cleaner (to be removed after this process) and cut along the accordion fold on each sheet, making sure you do not cut all the way through the middle. just cut along the folds on each side of the pipe cleaner.

after cutting along the folds of each sheet, lay your tissue paper out, largest sheet on the bottom, smallest sheet at the top. align the folds as best as you can (does not need to be perfect), and begin the accordion fold method bunching all colors of tissue together.

once all sheets are collectively folded together, loosely twist your pipe cleaner at the center and begin gently unfolding each petal away from the folds and toward the center.

continue doing this layer by layer until all layers have been gently pealed out of their folds, upright and outward into a beautiful blossom!

inspiration from here




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