[foxy friday] foxy menu

lingerie menu: a cute idea one of drew’s bridesmaids had:

 name each piece of lingerie received at lingerie shower (give it a fun, foxy name)

print up a menu for him, and a menu key for her 

play around with fonts and layout—“his” looks like the snellen eye chart because he’s an opthamologist  😉

add envelope and stamp initials to personalize

sign, sealed, delivered

tahiti just got a little bit hotter!

bon voyage and mazel tov!

xo, jen

stay tuned next week for more weddiying bliss and a BIG SURPRISE TREAT on Monday!


2 thoughts on “[foxy friday] foxy menu

  1. Jen Jen Jen, Im just now catching up on all my missed blogs, and I came across this post. Let me just say it’s even more adorable in person than it looks on the page! The honeymoon is now over, but I refuse to toss these adorable reminders of the fun I had at the bachelorette party (and on the honeymoon but we’ll leave that one alone)! They are now tucked away safely between two very boring books in a large bookcase to add a little spice to the boring! You and Amy are two truly talented gals, love reading the blog!!!

  2. Jen,
    I’m just now catching up on the missed blogs from my time away on the honeymoon but I had to tell you how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE these were. I refuse to toss them, because they remind me of the fun I had at the bachelorette party and on the honeymoon ;)! You are so truly talented and creative! Love reading the blog, and can’t wait to see more of you creativity splashed across the pages!

    ps- my menus are stashed away safely and I plan to never toss them out!

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