[DIY] ‘Mineral Water’ Vase

Not going to lie, I judge a book by its cover…and in this case, a bottle of water by its …bottle.  When I picked this mineral water up at Central Market the other day, I knew I wanted to do something cool with the glass bottle.

For this DIY, you will need a (neat) glass bottle, some painters tape, and spray paint (any color).  After removing the label, add tape to the bottle in any design you would like!  I chose stripes.  Spray bottle with a few layers of paint, and remove tape (the best part!).  I was able to use this vase for some lovely Valentine’s Day roses I got from B ❤




2 thoughts on “[DIY] ‘Mineral Water’ Vase

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  2. I just found you by googling striped painted glass bottle. A lot of people have just painted the entire bottle but I hadn’t seen using painter’s tape to make a design, so I tried googling to see if anyone had done this. Looks like you did! Not the horizontal stripes I was thinking about but I love what you made! Very awesome.

    Quick question: how soon did you remove the tape from the bottle?
    Thanks! Ashley

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