[DIY] city map silhouette

Happy Monday Friends!  I knew when I saw this project on Pinterest the other week, I wanted to make one dedicated to my favorite city in the world: Austin.

For this project, you will need:

a print out of a (simple) city map

a permanent marker

an exacto knife

scotch tape

a piece of white cardstock

a piece of colored cardstock

spray adhesive

After printing out your map, color the major roads and rivers within the map.

Tape this map onto a piece of white card stock.  Using your exacto knife, cut away the white parts (leave the black lines as your final grid).  Make sure to do this on a surface that can be cut on.  Carefully remove the cut outs, and cut away the exterior of the card stock

Choose a piece of colored card stock to be the background.  Spray the white map grid with spray adhesive, and press onto colored paper.

Frame, hang, and admire!




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