[DIY] ‘Mineral Water’ Vase

Not going to lie, I judge a book by its cover…and in this case, a bottle of water by its …bottle.  When I picked this mineral water up at Central Market the other day, I knew I wanted to do something cool with the glass bottle.

For this DIY, you will need a (neat) glass bottle, some painters tape, and spray paint (any color).  After removing the label, add tape to the bottle in any design you would like!  I chose stripes.  Spray bottle with a few layers of paint, and remove tape (the best part!).  I was able to use this vase for some lovely Valentine’s Day roses I got from B ❤




[foxy friday]: foxy fingers

Nothing get my digits movin’ and groovin’ like a funky paint job. Bahama Mama simply cannot stand alone without a little Spark. A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find does not exist without a touch of Kitty, Kitty.

Check out the fancy footwork in this amazingly awesome Chanel ad:

Shade Parade.

Pure. Foxiness.

Time to dance. via

local artist alert: Natalie Aston “nailing it” with her funky designs. Love it. Need it. Now.

xo, Jen

[foxy friday]

Dedicating this post to the foxiest of directors in Hollywood: Wes Anderson. Errrrr, ok so he might not actually be the foxiest as far as tall dark and handsome goes, but he is pretty fantastic if you ask me.  Actually, he is the most fantastic ever.


And he always manages to round up the foxiest cast of characters for our viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes on a few of my favorite Wes Anderson foxes:




Looking forward to Anderson’s new film, scheduled to hit theaters Memorial Day. You know where to find me that weekend.

xo, Jen

[DIY] city map silhouette

Happy Monday Friends!  I knew when I saw this project on Pinterest the other week, I wanted to make one dedicated to my favorite city in the world: Austin.

For this project, you will need:

a print out of a (simple) city map

a permanent marker

an exacto knife

scotch tape

a piece of white cardstock

a piece of colored cardstock

spray adhesive

After printing out your map, color the major roads and rivers within the map.

Tape this map onto a piece of white card stock.  Using your exacto knife, cut away the white parts (leave the black lines as your final grid).  Make sure to do this on a surface that can be cut on.  Carefully remove the cut outs, and cut away the exterior of the card stock

Choose a piece of colored card stock to be the background.  Spray the white map grid with spray adhesive, and press onto colored paper.

Frame, hang, and admire!