[travel]: the big easy

This past weekend, I had the honor of celebrating with my sweet Drew, her bachelorette weekend in the colorful city of New Orleans. With each trip to the crescent city I grow more and more amazed and inspired by the culture, the food, the people, the MUSIC!, the French-Creole architecture, the cemeteries…the list goes on and on. Absolutely fascinating!

And now, here are some shots from America’s Most Interesting City:

having some serious withdraws

inspiration for future diy post. stay tuned…mardi gras is just around the corner!

roots of music. now this was one street performance worth donating money to.

bourbon, the beautiful.

voodoo: do you or don’t you?

after a $20 palm reading that left us anxious/excited/worried/skeptical, we decided these worry dolls were a must have. tell them your worries, and they take them away. bye bye!

xo, jen


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