[DIY] Gold Dipped Espresso Cups

One night in Mexico, we were all handed little clay mugs/shot glasses filled with tequila when we walked into the restaurant…I love Mexico.

My family (knowing my love for recreating things) promptly handed the ‘mugs’ over to me after finishing off the tequila inside.  I brought these home with me, and added a little pizzaz.

In addition to the shot glasses, you will need painters tape, and spray paint.

Add tape to the cups to form various designs.  We also cut the tape to make the thickness/designs vary.

Spray entire mug with paint.  Be careful not to spray the inside of the mugs if you are planning to eat/drink out of them.

Carefully remove tape (this is my favorite part!)

Display and enjoy!

These teeny tiny wonders would be wonderful for:

-espresso shots

-flower holders

-herb pots

-salt/spice holders





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