[DIY]: “i have a dream [catcher]”: a tribute to the king

In celebration of MLK weekend, I share with you first, this unforgettable speech made nearly 50 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we go into the weekend let us not forget why this day is celebrated, and its impact on our nation’s history and American civil rights.

To all the dreamers out there: Let this post be an inspiration to dream, and dream BIG!

supplies: metal hoop, suede leather cord, hemp, feathers, beads, clothes pin, scissors

first, begin wrapping your suede leather tightly around your ring. you may want to use a clothes pin to hold the end of the leather in place.  when the ring has been wrapped entirely tie the 2 ends in a knot.

next: the inside web. this part got tricky. i suggest watching a video for thorough and more visual instructions.

your web will not be perfect and it doesn’t need to be 🙂

thread beads throughout

add a few feathers to finish it off, using the hemp to tie feathers on to the ring.

hang and enjoy!

if you can dream it, you can do it [yourself].

xo, jen

inspiration: from lune & mandala rain


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