[travel] A Mexican New Years

Happy Monday everybody!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Last week I mentioned that I had just gotten back from a vacation in Mexico, so I wanted to show you some shots from our time there.

My family and I were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico- and it was SO wonderful.  Our week there was relaxing, fun, and a great way to transition from 2011-2012.  We spent most of the day soaking up the sun by the water, and the evenings playing games in the condo and eating fresh pico-de-gallo and chips :).  I have always been drawn to the Mexican aesthetic, and Puerto Vallarta was no exception.  The colors, patterns, music, food…I could go on, but instead, Ill leave with you with a few pics from the week.

So (a somewhat delayed) Feliz Ano Nuevo yall, and have a great week!!




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