[DIY]: New Years Tinsel Banner

supplies: poster board, pencil, scissors, tinsel, hot glue gun [bang bang]


using your poster board and pencil, sketch out big block numbers (they don’t have to be perfect, just make them thick enough for you to glue your tinsel to). next, cut the numbers out.

with your glue gun [bang bang], start gluing down the tinsel and cut off excess tinsel.

now you can either string the numbers together with ribbon or tack up along your desired surface (to string together, punch 2 holes at the top of each number, thread ribbon through, and tack either end of the ribbon up with a thumb tack).

add sparklers, a sparkly little dress, all of your favorite people, a little bit of this and lots and lots of champagne.

let’s tip our hats to 2011 and throw ’em up for 2012!  happy happy new years!!!

xo, jen


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