[DIY]: New Years Tinsel Banner

supplies: poster board, pencil, scissors, tinsel, hot glue gun [bang bang]


using your poster board and pencil, sketch out big block numbers (they don’t have to be perfect, just make them thick enough for you to glue your tinsel to). next, cut the numbers out.

with your glue gun [bang bang], start gluing down the tinsel and cut off excess tinsel.

now you can either string the numbers together with ribbon or tack up along your desired surface (to string together, punch 2 holes at the top of each number, thread ribbon through, and tack either end of the ribbon up with a thumb tack).

add sparklers, a sparkly little dress, all of your favorite people, a little bit of this and lots and lots of champagne.

let’s tip our hats to 2011 and throw ’em up for 2012!  happy happy new years!!!

xo, jen


[Amy’s Kitchen] Holiday Bark

Inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs, I decided to make this easy and yummy recipe for hostess gifts for all the holiday parties coming up.  Let me just say, this was super fun to make, and SUPER yummy to eat.  If you have little ones around the house this holiday season (cousins, nieces, nephews), you should totally ask them to help out because this a fun/messy/hands on activity.

You will need:

-Milk chocolate chips

-White chocolate chips

-Toppings (crushed candy canes, M&Ms, dried fruit, nuts, etc)

-Wax paper

-Cookie Sheet

-Gift bags

Melt the milk chocolate in a pot over the stove, and once its melted, spread a thin layer over the wax paper on a cookie sheet.  After this is done, stick the pan in the fridge for a few minutes for the chocolate to harden.

Next, melt the white chocolate chips over the stove and add a handful of crushed candy canes into the chocolate.  Spread this mix onto the milk chocolate.  Using a spatula, or fork, swirl the white chocolate to create a marbled look.

Add your toppings to the chocolate, gently pressing them into the chocolate so that they don’t all fall off once the chocolate has fully hardened.  Place tray back in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

After the bark has hardened, remove from fridge and break up bark into large chunks.  (Embrace the messiness of this part.  Do not try to make them even or perfect looking 🙂 )

Divide up bark into gift bags, and bam! You are going to be the FAVE guest at the party :)!

Enjoy! xo


[DIY] Clip on Gold Bows for shoes

Tis the season for holiday parties and a little extra sparkle!
Follow these super easy steps to add a little pizzaz to your pumps!
You will need:
1 pair of shoes (heels or flats)
2 bobby pins
gold ribbon
For each bow, cut 4 pieces of ribbon about 2 inches each in length.  Position them into a star like the image below.
Secure the star by inserting it into a bobby pin.  Take the lowest ribbon and tie the two ends on top (securing it further to the bobby pin)
Optional step: using scissors, carefully snip the top part of the bobby pin in half.
This helps to conceal the sight of the bobby pin on the toe of your shoe.
Stick those bows onto your (formerly ‘blah’) shoes and bam!  Party shoes a-go!
Now: Find the nearest dance floor, or holiday party, and shine on!
XO and Happy Holidays!

[DIY] dia de los muertos skulls

supplies: ceramic skulls, acrylic paint, paint brush, sequins

add some pan dulce from here, chips & queso, mimosas & piña coladas and you have yourself an austin style dia de los muertos fiesta! ay yi yi!

J (left) Z (right)

xo, jen

[DIY] Jazzed up balloons

Who doesn’t love to give/receive balloons?

For my cousin’s Sweet 16 the other weekend, I took some already poppin’ balloons and added a lil jazz!

All you need is: helium balloons, colored ribbon, and (for the balloons in the picture above) gold wired ribbon.

After tying the ribbon beneath the base of the inflated the balloons, I curled the colored ribbon, and folded the gold wired ribbon into fun zig-zags. Voila!

Super easy. Super cheap. Super fun

xo, Amy

[DIY] Antler Project

supplies: antlers, painter’s masking tape, acrylic paint, paint brush

tape and color block away

Imagevoilà! great coffee table decor or wall hanging.
inspiration from here
xo, jen