The Piñata Factory by, J to Z


J to Z has some exciting news to announce! While still maintaining our love affair with the DIYs, we’re moving the focus to our newest venture:

The Piñata Factory

The Piñata Factory specializes in custom-made piñatas of all shapes & sizes. You dream it, we make it.

Join us in celebrating the launch of the Piñata Factory at a Pop Up Shop & Party this Saturday featuring the works of:

J to Z, Bazazas & host and artist Leslie Williamson.


For other fun art pop ups this holiday season, check out the Blue Genie Art Bazaar located at the Marchesa Hall & Theatre


[DIY] seashell tea light candles

Last January John and I went on an epic Mexican adventure, traversing both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, returning home after a few weeks with a boat load of shells. Half made their way into mason jars for display while the other half sat idle in plastic bags…..until now.
J & Z got their hands on these shells and made petite candle holders by melting tea lights into the bed of the shells. These candle holders make a perfect center piece for a small breakfast table, bedside table, or bathroom to add a pleasant sea glow to any small space.

[DIY] Put a cork in it

   This month J & Z are having a little (too much) fun with bottle toppers. Here we have come up with a few fun ways to top it off! Whether you’re just trying to spruce up your own bar accessories or spice up a house-warming bottle of bubbly, we’ve got a few fun ideas for you to play around with. All you need is a few *recycled corks and an assortment of miniatures (my fave). Enjoy!


J & Z
Booze Cruise Corks


super glue (gel)
Hot Wheels
spray paint (optional)
painter’s tape (optional)
Amy and I found Hot Wheels at Target for 97 cents! One of them we left as is, but the other 2 we gave a sweet paint job. Using painters tape, we covered the wheels, windows and bumpers and used spay paint to cover up original designs. Let dry and glue to cork!
*Recycled corks: Careful when choosing your corks. Some corks swell up after a while and are nearly impossible to plug into a bottle again. We bought a few of our corks at Michael’s, brand new and they worked like a charm.

Full how-to & more designs and ideas after the jump! Continue reading

[DIY] GoldFish Magnets!

J to Z GoldFish Magnets

Being that it is deep into wedding season right now, my fridge has been F U L L of invites/SaveTheDates/pictures/etc.  I was very much in need of some new magnets to hold all of these guys up, and I instantly thought of these fun ones I pinned on Pinterest awhile back.With summer just around the corner, I took the ‘beach’ route and whipped up a handful of these GoldFish magnets. (Easy, cheap, and cute!)

J to Z GoldFish Magnets

You will need:

-plastic animals of any kind (I found mine at Michael’s)

-blank magnets

-super glue

-Spray Paint

J to Z GoldFish Magnets1. Give your animals a couple coats of spray paint.

2. After they dry, super glue a magnet on the flatest part of the back.

3. Stick ’em on the fridge!

J to Z GoldFish Magnets

J to Z GoldFish Magnet



[J’s Kitchen] ceviche

Happy Friday!! Sending you off into the weekend with a quick and easy recipe

for the NON-COOKS!

I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen but am in no form or fashion a “cook.”

I “prepare” foods but I’m rarely whipping up some complicated 12 step recipe.


Ceviche has become a traditional Mexican raw seafood dish, SIMPLE for those who don’t like to cook, and perfect to pair with yesterday’s Paloma or a nice bottle of Vinho Verde Continue reading

[J’s Kitchen]: la palomita

It’s May and you know what that means…we’re about to kiss our Texas spring goodbye, and say hello to non-stop summer cocktails and 100 degree temperatures!

In preparation for this weekend’s Cinco de Mayo festivities, meet this season’s favorite flavor,

Margarita’s little sister: La Paloma

Buen Provecho!


Tequila (one part)

Sanpellegrino: Pompelmo (2 part)

Lime (quarter wedge)

Salt optional





[Recycled] Candle Holder :: Succulent Pot

J to Z Succulent Holder

Confession:  I judge a candle by its cover.  Truth.  I mean, yes, the smell is a big factor too… BUT, if it is going to be sitting on my living room table for months…its gotta look good, right?  So, what do we do when we burn that candle down to the very last drop? Recycle it of course!  I asked Bryan to drill a few holes in the bottom of this one, added a few mini succulents, some dirt..and bam! Fancy new succulent pot!  Happy Earth month people!

[DIY] Happy Easter, Y’all!


ImageFor me, Easter has always been about decorating the eggs.  Every family has their rituals, and for my mom, grandmother, aunt, and me- decorating eggs is a tradition that we look forward to sharing together each year.  This year for Easter, I was especially excited because I get to decorate eggs that my own chickens laid!! (Photo below from the morning Bryan and I found our chickens’ first egg!)


Bryan and I got chickens almost a year ago, and we have looooved having fresh eggs daily for the past few months.  I really love the various shades of brown that the eggs are, so I knew I wanted to focus on that natural color when decorating them.  All this DIY requires are some brown eggs, a white paint pen, and your imagination!  ImageI hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!